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Sphinx Duck'oration

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Ever wondered what happens when a rubber duck goes on vacation to Egypt and decides to cosplay... more
Sphinx Duck'oration
Ever wondered what happens when a rubber duck goes on vacation to Egypt and decides to cosplay as the Sphinx? No? Then you´re in the right place, because our Christmas tree bauble is exactly that: a joyously quacky Egyptian adventure!

Our Christmas tree ornament is anything but ordinary. The rubber duck, modeled after the Sphinx, brings a dash of exoticism to your living room and is guaranteed to coax more than just a chuckle. With its red hanging ribbon, it´s ready to conquer the topmost spot on your Christmas tree. No Christmas tree can afford to miss out on this eccentric Christmas bauble!

The bauble is made from polyresin, a material as sturdy as the real Sphinx (but please, don´t throw it against the wall, it´s a duck, not a pyramid!). The vivid details and charmingly designed rubber duck will cast your Christmas decorations in a whole new light.

So, say goodbye to boring, traditional Christmas baubles! This Christmas tree ornament is the perfect conversation starter and brings a hefty dose of fun to the holiday season. It´s not just a simple Christmas decoration; it´s the ultimate fusion of bathtime fun and Christmas cheer.

By the way: Our rubber duck Sphinx Christmas tree bauble also makes the perfect gift for that quirky uncle, the travel-loving sister, or the history buff dad. So, what are you waiting for? Get the quirkiest Christmas tree bauble ever and kick off the most festive Egyptian adventure your Christmas tree has ever seen!

Dimensions: L: 6 cm W: 5 cm H: 6 cm
Material: Resin
Age recommendation: For children over 36 months

Attention: Not suitable for children under three years

Sphinx Duck'oration
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