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Collector discount

Since we have numerous rubber duck collectors as customers, we would like to make their purchases more palatable with a discount of 7% in the future.

In order to receive this collector's discount in the future for all further online purchases in this shop (, you are welcome to register with us as a rubber duck collector by sending an email to A customer account with us is required for this.

We will classify you as a collector if you have purchased rubber ducks worth a total of 150 euros at within the last 12 months.

For the collector's rebate, the fulfilment of the aforementioned conditions is only necessary once - the fulfilment of the turnover limits is no longer required for later calendar years.

Please note, however, that the classification is not automatic. It is essential that you inform us that you meet the above requirements. Furthermore, this discount can only be set up if you have previously created a free customer account with us.

The discount is calculated from the gross value of all articles. Immediately after logging in to our rubber duck shop via your customer account, all prices displayed in the shop will be adjusted according to your discount level. Shipping costs and possible payment method fees are not included in the calculation.

The collector's discount applies exclusively to private individuals. Companies, associations and organisations cannot be classified as collectors. The collector discount does not apply to the quantity scales either.