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Soft toy elephant Linus

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Elephant Linus Zoo animal Elephant Linus is made from super soft plush. Its big, adorable... more
Soft toy elephant Linus
Elephant Linus

Zoo animal Elephant Linus is made from super soft plush. Its big, adorable eyes and cuddly plush invite cozy cuddle times.

Our sitting Elephant Linus definitely belongs to the gentle kind of elephants. Its gray color is typical for the pachyderm, while the inside of its ears sports a light pink shade, highlighting its young age. Linus, with its attentive gaze, is actually a small elephant calf – no tusks yet, but already as cuddly as the big ones!

Your search for the perfect cuddly toy is finally over! With Elephant Linus, you´re not just bringing home a stuffed animal; you´re welcoming a new, ultra-soft friend! And the best part? He´s always ready for an adventure or a cozy snuggle time on the couch.

Linus isn´t just any elephant – he´s a zoo animal! But don´t worry, he belongs to the gentle kind. With his big, adorable eyes and the cuddly gray plush, he´s a dream come true for any cuddle enthusiast. Do you see the light pink interior of his ears? That´s a sign that our Linus is still a young elephant calf. He may not have tusks yet, but he´s just as cuddly as the grown-ups!

Measuring a compact 18 cm in length, 16 cm in width, and 17.5 cm in height, he fits into any setting. Whether on the couch, in a child´s room, or secretly riding along in the backseat – Linus is always there!

And now, the best part: Linus isn´t just super soft and cuddly, he´s also super low maintenance. With his polyester fur and polyester fiber filling, he can easily handle a gentle cycle wash at a maximum of 30°C. Ironing, bleaching, or dry cleaning? Linus doesn´t need any of that! Just let him air dry naturally, and he´ll be ready for the next adventure.

Looking for a great gift? Your search ends here. Whether it´s for a birthday, Christmas, or just because – with the Elephant Linus plush toy, you´ll always hit the mark!

Treat yourself and your loved ones and get your own Elephant Linus today. After all, who can say they have an elephant at home?

Dimensions: L: 15 cm W: YYY H: 17 cm
Material: Polyester - filling polyester fibers
Age recommendation: For children over 18 months

Soft toy elephant Linus
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