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Soft toy bear Siggi

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Hey there! Meet Siggi, the most charming plush bear on this planet and possibly even in the... more
Soft toy bear Siggi
Hey there! Meet Siggi, the most charming plush bear on this planet and possibly even in the whole galaxy. Siggi, our 13 cm long, 20 cm wide, and 18 cm high stuffed animal, not only boasts the softest plush in the world but also the biggest heart.

With his snuggly soft, short plush, Siggi is a cuddly toy par excellence. You want to cuddle? Siggi is always there. You want to stroke? Siggi is already waiting. You need someone to love? Siggi is all ears.

But that´s not all. Do you see that big plush nose? Incredibly cute, isn´t it? And those big, rolling eyes – so attentive that you´ll always feel watched. Siggi is more than just a plush toy, he´s a real mood-lifting bear!

Now, about the care: Siggi doesn´t like it too hot, so please wash him at a maximum of 30°C on a gentle cycle. He´s not a fan of bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning, or tumble drying. Treat him well and he´ll remain your faithful companion for years to come.

Siggi, our super soft plush toy and ideal gift, is waiting to stomp into your life. So, what are you waiting for? Adopt Siggi today and make your life a little fluffier!

Dimensions: L: 13 cm W: 20 cm H: 18 cm
Material: Polyester - filling polyester fibers
Age recommendation: For children over 18 months

Soft toy bear Siggi
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