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Mona Lisa Duck'oration

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Sure, let´s get ready to celebrate Christmas with a good dose of art and humor! Introducing our... more
Mona Lisa Duck'oration
Sure, let´s get ready to celebrate Christmas with a good dose of art and humor! Introducing our Christmas tree ornament: the Mona Lisa-inspired rubber ducky. Crafted from high-quality polyresin, this Christmas bauble radiates a unique warmth and cheerfulness with its playful take on Leonardo Da Vinci´s legendary masterpiece.

Love is in the details: our little rubber ducky sports the enigmatic smile and serene eyes of the real Mona Lisa. Can´t quite tell if she´s actually laughing? Well, that´s part of the charm! Adorned with a vibrant red hanging ribbon, this ornament will certainly make your Christmas tree stand out from the crowd.

Despite its whimsical design, this Christmas tree ornament offers more than just humor. The polyresin material ensures its durability, guaranteeing that it will last through many Christmases to come. At the same time, it´s lightweight enough to hang on any branch of your tree.

So, it´s time to celebrate Christmas in a different way. Swap out the usual glittery baubles for our hilarious Mona Lisa rubber ducky. It will not only bring a smile to your face but also to your guests. Don´t hesitate! Let this little jolly centerpiece fill your festivities with fun and joy. Are you searching for the perfect unconventional Christmas tree ornament? Well, you´ve just found it. Merry Christmas!

Dimensions: L: 6 cm W: 5 cm H: 6 cm
Material: Resin
Age recommendation: For children over 36 months

Attention: Not suitable for children under three years

Mona Lisa Duck'oration
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