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Camouflage Duck'oration

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Get ready to add something truly special to your Christmas tree this year. Introducing the... more
Camouflage Duck'oration
Get ready to add something truly special to your Christmas tree this year. Introducing the Camouflage Rubber Duck Christmas bauble! This bauble is not your ordinary decoration; it´s a distinctive and humorous rubber duck with a camouflage pattern that will add a touch of fun to your holiday season.

Carefully crafted from polyresin, this bauble features a vibrant red hanging ribbon, making it easy for you to hang it on your tree. But be careful, with its camouflage design, it might just blend in perfectly among the green branches!

The Camouflage Rubber Duck Christmas bauble is guaranteed to turn heads and bring some excitement to your tree. It adds a unique and playful element that is sure to spark conversations and put a smile on your face every time you glance at it. It´s the perfect way to shake things up during the Christmas festivities.

Whether you´re treating yourself or looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, this rubber duck bauble is an absolute must-have. While others opt for traditional baubles, you´ll be adding humor and whimsy to your holiday decorations.

So, make this Christmas unforgettable and let the Camouflage Rubber Duck take over your tree. Not only will it elevate your holiday spirit, but it will also be a real showstopper for anyone who enters your festively adorned home. Who knows, it might even become a new Christmas tradition in your household!

This year, it´s time to adorn your tree with a bauble that´s as unique as you are. Just imagine the fun you´ll have with this Camouflage Rubber Duck. It´s eagerly waiting to enhance your Christmas tree!

Dimensions: L: 6 cm W: 5 cm H: 6 cm
Material: Resin
Age recommendation: For children over 36 months

Attention: Not suitable for children under three years

Camouflage Duck'oration
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