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Anne Boleyn Duck'oration

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Oh, joyful and blissful Christmas bauble time! If you´re looking to have the most dazzling,... more
Anne Boleyn Duck'oration
Oh, joyful and blissful Christmas bauble time! If you´re looking to have the most dazzling, unique, and absolutely coolest Christmas tree around this year, then our Anne Boleyn-inspired rubber duck Christmas bauble is a must-have!

You´re probably wondering, "A rubber duck as a Christmas bauble, really?" But yes, that´s exactly it! This stylish Christmas bauble is no ordinary ornament. It´s a statement, a declaration of extravagance and individuality that is guaranteed to bring laughter and admiring glances.

Made from durable polyresin material, our Christmas bauble showcases a stylized rubber duck inspired by Anne Boleyn, the famous Queen of England. With its elegant design and the characteristic red hanging ribbon, it adds truly regal accents to your Christmas tree.

This humorous Christmas bauble is not just a beautiful eye-catcher; it´s also a homage to historical figures and serves as a reminder that Christmas is a time of joy and smiles.

For those tired of digging out the same old ornaments from the basement every year, this is your chance to breathe new life into your Christmas decorations. Because nothing says "Merry Christmas" like an Anne Boleyn rubber duck Christmas bauble!

So, don´t wait any longer! Make your Christmas tree the talk of the town this year and infuse your home with a touch of originality and fun with our Anne Boleyn rubber duck Christmas bauble. Christmas will definitely be unforgettable with this bauble!

Dimensions: L: 6 cm W: 5 cm H: 6 cm
Material: Resin
Age recommendation: For children over 36 months

Attention: Not suitable for children under three years

Anne Boleyn Duck'oration
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