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Soft toy pig Trine

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Introducing our new superstar, the Plush Pig Trine! Say hello to the cuddliest, softest, and... more
Soft toy pig Trine
Introducing our new superstar, the Plush Pig Trine! Say hello to the cuddliest, softest, and most adorable piggy in town. Trine has gone from being a regular farm animal to becoming the ultimate sustainable snuggle buddy for both kids and adults. Trust us, this pig is on a mission to bring joy to everyone´s lives!

Measuring at 20 cm in length, 18 cm in width, and 20 cm in height, Trine is the perfect size for all your hugging needs. And let´s talk about the material – it´s made from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, ensuring it´s free from harmful substances. So, you can snuggle away without any worries.

But that´s not all! Trine is made of the softest polyester and stuffed with fluffy polyester fibers that feel like you´re cuddling a real cloud. It´s pure bliss, I tell you!

Now, let´s address the messy situations. When Trine gets a little dirty from all the love, simply toss it in the washing machine. Just remember to use the gentle cycle and keep the temperature below 30°C. Bleaching, ironing, and tumble-drying are definitely not Trine´s style, so let´s keep it simple and cuddle-ready.

Whether you´re searching for a gift for your little ones, your loved ones, or even yourself (because you deserve it!), our Plush Pig Trine is the answer. Get ready to bring the farm life straight into your home with this lovable companion.

Don´t miss out on the chance to own this adorable piggy. Grab your Trine now and get ready for endless snuggles and smiles!

Dimensions: L: 20 cm W: 18 cm H: 20 cm
Material: Polyester - filling polyester fibers
Age recommendation: For children over 18 months

Soft toy pig Trine
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