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Soft toy sheep Connor

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Imagine this: you come home after a long, exhausting day, and there´s someone special waiting... more
Soft toy sheep Connor
Imagine this: you come home after a long, exhausting day, and there´s someone special waiting for you. No, it´s not your dog or your cat. It´s Connor - your new plush toy and constant companion through life´s ups and downs. 

Little plush Connor, standing on all fours, is more than just a stuffed animal. He´s a cuddly toy, a friend, a loyal companion, looking at you with his large, black button eyes straight into your heart. And who could resist those eyes, set against his radiant white, fluffy wool? 

With dimensions of 19 cm in length, 13 cm in width, and 17 cm in height, Connor is the perfect cuddle partner - not too big to snuggle with, and not too small to lose. His soft body made of premium polyester and the stuffing made from polyester fibers make him incredibly cuddly and durable at the same time.

Worried about stains or dirt? No fear, because our sheep Connor is easy to care for. At a maximum washing temperature of 30°C on a gentle cycle, he will be sparkling clean again. But remember, he doesn´t like to be bleached, ironed, or treated in dry cleaning, and a tumble dryer is also not his thing. 

Our plush sheep Connor is more than just a toy, it´s the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it´s a birthday, anniversary, or just because - Connor is ready to conquer hearts and bring smiles to faces. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Connor today and add an extra dose of cuddle factor to your life! 

Looking for the perfect plush toy, stuffed animal, or cuddly toy? Connor is waiting for you. A gift that will be remembered forever!

Dimensions: L: 19 cm W: 13 cm H: 17 cm
Material: Polyester - filling polyester fibers
Age recommendation: For children over 18 months

Soft toy sheep Connor
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