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Sophie la girafe - "Sophie by me"

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We are delighted to congratulate Sophie la girafe on her 60th birthday. She was baptised 60... more
Sophie la girafe - "Sophie by me"
We are delighted to congratulate Sophie la girafe on her 60th birthday. She was baptised 60 years ago, on Saint Sophie's Day.
To mark this special event, the global digital campaign SOPHIE BY ME was launched. The Sophie la girafe community was invited to help design the special edition. On Sophie's birthday, 25.05.2021, the Sophie design was released and is now finally available. Happy birthday Sophie la girafe!

Sophie la girafe is made of 100% natural rubber. As a welcome greeting and talisman for births, Sophie la girafe® has been a real classic for 60 years now - and babies love her! She stimulates all the senses of newborns and soothes when the first little teeth come in. Sophie's shape and size of 18 cm are ideal for little baby hands. She is very light and her long legs and neck are easy for baby to grasp, even from the very first days.
She is painted with food-grade paint and has the same characteristics of a baby dummy.

Dimensions: L: 9 cm W: 4 cm H: 18 cm
Squeaks: Yes
Swims upright: No
Material: Latex
Age recommendation: For children over 1 months

Sophie la girafe - "Sophie by me"
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