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Teething ring Kawan duck

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The HEVEA teething ring Kawan is made of 100% natural rubber and is therefore free of plastic.... more
Teething ring Kawan duck
The HEVEA teething ring Kawan is made of 100% natural rubber and is therefore free of plastic. It is also free of BPA and PVC. It is naturally coloured with pure vegetable pigments. Bacteria and mould growth is prevented because the teether is formed from one piece and therefore has no seams, which is particularly hygienic. The flexible and soft natural rubber encourages the baby´s natural chewing movement. The different structures on Kawan´s beak, neck and little feet soothe and massage baby´s aching gums. Its colour contrasts encourage the sense of sight. Due to its light weight, it is particularly easy for small hands to grasp. By the way, Kawan is Malay and means friend. When will Kawan become your friend?

The story about KAWAN:
"During one of my visits to the Malaysian factory and plantations, I discovered these beautiful white ducks. I was told that these ducks are not only intelligent but also form close bonds with humans. A farmer´s son had a duck that was just like him, seven years old. They were always together and played together - the boy even took it to school with him. That´s how the story of our white duck came about."
Terese Hoffeldt, founder of HEVEA
  • 100% natural rubber
  • Free from plastic, BPA and PVC
  • Naturally coloured with vegetable pigments
  • Relieves teething pain
  • Particularly easy to grip
  • Hygienic with no seams - prevents bacteria build-up
  • Packaging made of FSC-certified paper

Sustainably produced
Cleaning: The teether can be cleaned in warm water and if necessary with mild soap. Do not boil. The teether should be stored in a clean, dry place and not exposed to direct sunlight or a direct heat source for a longer shelf life.
direct heat source. As these are natural colours, they may fade over time.

CAUTION: If the teething ring shows any cracks or changes, it should be discarded. Caution. Some children are allergic to natural rubber. Therefore, watch out for allergic reactions and stop using the teether if you notice an allergic reaction as a result of using the teether.

Dimensions: L: 11 cm W: 1 cm H: 9 cm
Material: Latex
Age recommendation: For children over 3 months

Teething ring Kawan duck
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